I am a 22 year old Christian from Wellington New Zealand  with a passion for theology, social justice, education, music, chocolate and the church.  I don’t believe ones education defines a person but for those of you who want to know where I am coming from I have a BA/BTeach  and have done a few Bible College Papers. I am a full time music teacher at a Catholic Primary school and run a saturday morning music school for 280 primary students to learn instruments. 

In my spare time I like long walks on the beach. (cough) No this is not a dating ad……

Seriously in my spare time (which is not that much) I like blogging including reading others blogs. I also like Theology, reading and watching far too much tv (comedy, crime dramas and I am a big Grey’s Anatomy fan).

I am a ISTJ –

Click to view my Personality Profile page Contact me @  sailstar[underscore]2000[@]



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