May 2008

Anne Jackson has a wonderful blog post – kind of like a Post Secret blog post really,

where she has asked readers to contribute

what is something you feel you can’t say in church, or around other christians?

A good read here


Christian’s have far too many committees.

In fact we have so many of them its amazing we achieve anything at all.

case in point:  I have a friend that recently went to a church meeting  for a ‘team/committee’ at 10pm on a friday night. after recieving a text message to come to the meeting at 9pm,  This meeting was for a ‘committee’ that had met less than one week earlier, the meeting a week earlier had gone for 3 hours and had achieved nothing.

The question has to be asked how can you preach on a sunday about ‘going out in the world and making disciples’ and then have your weekly schedule look like this:

Monday – small group
Tuesday – worship meeting
Wednesday – nothing
Thursday – helping with the small group you lead
Friday – youth/young adults hang out session (because we have to have something that will keep us out of the world)
Saturday – nothing or hanging out with christian mates at night to watch a DVD
Sunday – church once or twice including service in someway e.g. worship team, childrens church, prayer ministry, coffee/tea etc.

 In fact many surveys have shown that because Christians tend to socialise within Christian circles their work colleagues, next door neighbours and non christian friends see very little of them and so are unable to form any meaningful relationships that don’t seem to be overtaken by christian activities.

On the other hand there are a large number of christians (normally single males – i know some of those reading this blog would dispute that) that don’t actually step up to leadership or serving within churches which means those who are serving within churches tend to have a heavier load which takes a greater amount of their time as there are less people willing to serve or lead.

Do your experiences mirror this i.e. are you involved so much at your Church ‘serving the lord’ that your non christian friends and family can count their time they see you in minutes in a week?
have you have had experiences that are quite the opposite?

This I know to be true, having an MRI is not as sexy as a House episode makes it out to be.

In truth the things leading up to an MRI scan are not actually the stuff that a film crew would get much excitement over. Indeed this MRI was 6 months in the coming and today was not announced by any great music with that fantastic pulsating bass line that they do on medical shows…..

  • I taught 4 x classes this morning of nursery rhymes and songs (5-6 year olds) the same lesson 4 times before leaving at morning tea time
  • Caught 2 buses including a brief intermission between buses where I had to gobble my lunch down in 5 min flat.
  • Waited in a pale pastel pink waiting room with a hideous giant wall painting of flowers on the wall for what seemed like forever until someone appeared to ask me a series of questions – including my all time favourite ‘are you pregnant?’- at which time i considered that it might up the likeness of my MRI scan saga becoming a TV show if i answered this question creatively with something like ‘ No, I’m a Man’ or ‘I’m waiting for call from Gabriel to confirm’ …….. i decided against it and went with a straight ‘no’ to save time and a psych assesment team.  

My Radiographer (?) was fantastic she was hiliarious in fact, she made all sorts of conversation and was quite calming really. It was here I decided that a film crew might actually get some air time out of me (well actually her and me as her sense of humour was fantastic) The MRI itself I hated, I can’t remember last times being that scary. I felt so enclosed (having a giant cage around your head and being stuck in a coffin sized machine will do that to you). 

I did have all sorts of good intentions while in the MRI to pray for people, a recent House episode said the radiographers can see it when you do, so i thought I would try. As it was it took all of my self control and me mantra-ing phillipians 4 to myself not to press the ‘help button’ 50x and run out of the freaking machine with its large crashing noises and zapping sounds and what generally sounds like someone hammering you on the head, that I pondered would make a fantastic transition scene on TV, me running like a deluded person through the pale pink waiting room.

As it was with the help of my Robbie Seay CD (they do allow you to bring a CD from home even though it is drowned out by the sound) and my fab radiographer – who reassured me throughout that I was awesome  . I made it through.  When I did come out I had the strange feeling of being nearly asleep but awake at the same time – the same sort of feeling I have after staff meetings really.

After enduring that I decided that I should treat myself and spent the afternoon in borders reading (brought a nice book that I am currently devouring) before taking another 2 buses home. 

I am addicted to TV.

On an average night if I have no planning (meh even if i do) my schedule is this 

4:30 Malcolm in the middle

5:00 The Simpsons

5:30 Home and Away

6:00 News / The Nanny

6:30 Third Rock from the Sun

7:00 Shortland St

7:30-9:30 whatever is going  Desperate Housewives, a crime program, drama etc . Occasionally i might turn the TV off for 30 minutes if a program doesn’t really take my fancy but in general I can fit in 4.5 to 5 hours a night of solid TV watching.  

A couple of days ago I found a few phrases and incidents coming to mind more and more frequently (this tends to be how God speaks to me when I haven’t been paying attention through prayer or bible reading) fortunately he hasn’t got so desperate as to communicate to me via the lines from TV shows (can you tell me how to get how to get to seasame street…….)

  • A sermon a while back from Mark Driscoll where he said that we have become so Saturated in our culture that we no longer notice the appearnce of evil – he was refering to the media usage here.
  • A podcast i was listening to where the speaker was saying that they got a TV for a special occasion to watch some sports event and were watching it with their children and they were absolutely stunned and shocked by the Ads (i find no such shock when watching the ad’s and this worries me)
  • The fact that in the staff room at my school a particular TV programme came up (which had totally inapporopriate content for a christian to be watching) and i said i watched it , anyway some joke was made that was sexually explicit and I had no way of coming against it as I had been watching it to.

So with that buzzing around my head, I am now  on day 2 on a 40 day ‘fast’ of sorts from TV. Today being Monday I am on day 2 (hurrah) I am putting a pink piece of paper on my TV screen to symbolise each day and to write what something I did that day that I wouldn’t have done had I have had the TV on (today for example I emailed 2 friends who had emailed me ages ago but I didn’t evidently have the time for them – bizarre really as I do have hours to watch TV)

My aim in all of this is to be able to hear God much clearer as I think as much as we try to spiritualise the content of a Desperate Housewives episode it doesn’t come anywhere close to actually spending time in Prayer with God, Studying his word and putting it into action.