I am addicted to TV.

On an average night if I have no planning (meh even if i do) my schedule is this 

4:30 Malcolm in the middle

5:00 The Simpsons

5:30 Home and Away

6:00 News / The Nanny

6:30 Third Rock from the Sun

7:00 Shortland St

7:30-9:30 whatever is going  Desperate Housewives, a crime program, drama etc . Occasionally i might turn the TV off for 30 minutes if a program doesn’t really take my fancy but in general I can fit in 4.5 to 5 hours a night of solid TV watching.  

A couple of days ago I found a few phrases and incidents coming to mind more and more frequently (this tends to be how God speaks to me when I haven’t been paying attention through prayer or bible reading) fortunately he hasn’t got so desperate as to communicate to me via the lines from TV shows (can you tell me how to get how to get to seasame street…….)

  • A sermon a while back from Mark Driscoll where he said that we have become so Saturated in our culture that we no longer notice the appearnce of evil – he was refering to the media usage here.
  • A podcast i was listening to where the speaker was saying that they got a TV for a special occasion to watch some sports event and were watching it with their children and they were absolutely stunned and shocked by the Ads (i find no such shock when watching the ad’s and this worries me)
  • The fact that in the staff room at my school a particular TV programme came up (which had totally inapporopriate content for a christian to be watching) and i said i watched it , anyway some joke was made that was sexually explicit and I had no way of coming against it as I had been watching it to.

So with that buzzing around my head, I am now  on day 2 on a 40 day ‘fast’ of sorts from TV. Today being Monday I am on day 2 (hurrah) I am putting a pink piece of paper on my TV screen to symbolise each day and to write what something I did that day that I wouldn’t have done had I have had the TV on (today for example I emailed 2 friends who had emailed me ages ago but I didn’t evidently have the time for them – bizarre really as I do have hours to watch TV)

My aim in all of this is to be able to hear God much clearer as I think as much as we try to spiritualise the content of a Desperate Housewives episode it doesn’t come anywhere close to actually spending time in Prayer with God, Studying his word and putting it into action.