I didn’t go to church again yesterday (i know i know) . For those of you wanting to write me angry emails or to urge me to go to church lest my soul go to eternal damnation feel free to email me (my secretary may some day answer)

At the advice of ‘His Brilliance’ I was told to turn on Channel 1, ‘His Brilliance’ I think thought ‘Praise Be’ was on. Instead it was a really interesting documentary on Lloyd Geering. Interesting guy, bizzare theology…. and despite the many ridiculous ideas he had one thing did make me think , that was his idea about the relevance of the church traditions to many today and how due to their sameness every week they appear to not have changed to the culture and this is why attendence  (at least in mainlines), is dropping. 

 I then listened to a bit of Radio Rhema. Before going off to the cricket and hanging with some friends and my sister and having fantastic conversation (the cricket wasn’t bad either). In truth I think I got a whole lot more out of the day then Church…which is sad to say….

ASBO Jesus has approached the subject from a different angle, read right through 🙂