What we do with our children – and what we do to them – is a worryingly accurate indication of what we think about the world, God, and ourselves. To many adults, children are just a nuisance. But the point is that they’re a nuisance (if they are) because they matter. They disturb our organized adult world because they are real people. – NT Wright. Matthew for Everyone: Part two


I always love it how God shows the Kingdom of God in action through children.


I love it how kids don’t have hooks up on worship like adults and are oblivious to social graces such as standing still at crucial times, in fact sometimes I think they get it much more than adults. Today one small child was heard calling out ‘Hello?!, as much to say… Is anybody out there?!’ when the adults were meant to be solemnly praying (or something similar… I was too busy trying not to laugh) others were also very keen on crawling around places they shouldn’t be and getting looks of exasperation from tired parents chasing them around the church and ushering them back into line.


Two children sitting in front of me from different families had been given foods to distract them from crawling and talking at inappropriate times. Child A about 2 and a half had finished nibbling for a while back and her food was on the floor too far for her to reach and was sitting gazing at Child B two seats over who did have some food… Child B (aged about 2) had some crackers and quietly walked on  over to child A and offered the crackers to new found friend. child B then walked back to seat and both sat down  quietly.


This is what I like about God everytime I try to come up with a deep theological reason or argument for something he always simplifies it. Many times through the faith of children.