Okay I lie, but now that i have your attention, I thought you may be interested in this little diagram from our bretheren (nice word that) at Destiny. Does anyone see anything wrong with this diagram….


Last time I checked Destiny (or any church) did not have a monopoly on the Salvation stakes. In fact any church that thinks that people can ‘only get saved’ ‘find jesus’ (because he was evidently lost!) etc by entering their most sanctified of warehouses has honestly got to be kidding me. I mean really.

As a point of interest I was just wondering whether anyone could help me understand how the first 3 boxes fit together. I mean to say, if ‘Destiny begins’ after one gets salvation, then what is point of the church? Or is that box meant to mean that Destiny ‘begins’ for the new convert…..  

The rest of it I am not mortally concerned about, although it always interests me how churches insist on getting new christians into the meetings/seminar/education line.

As always I want to remind the faithful (usual quiet) reading and commenting public that this post is about the diagram above and theology pertaining to the diagram and not about your opinions on Brian Tamaki’s hair, his harley davidson, his relationship to TD Jakes or what an amazing person he is for Maori before we get side tracked and all jump on our favourite band wagon.