Let me introduce to you a new internet virtual reality game. Miss Bimbo.

Miss Bimbo looks kinda like a Barbie crossed with a Pussy cat doll. She is very hip , cool, and pretty pink captures sickens     the eye like a 5 year girls bedroom or the barbie corner in toyland….

The Miss Bimbo website however is no Barbie fun park. While aimed at young girls, Its references on its front page make explicit that this game is not about being comfortable with who Miss Bimbo is but about creating Miss Bimbo and pushing other Miss Bimbo’s out of the way –  references to finding ‘cool places to live’, finding a fun job and all the clothes you could possibly want, advocating becoming a socialite, dating a famous hottie, and explicit points to plastic surgery as a way of to make it up the social ladder to become ‘top bimbo’ are bullet pointed to potential players. Game players earn “bimbo dollars” so they can “shop for the latest fashions and become the trendsetting bimbo in town”. 

When I went onto the site tonight there were about 282 000 registered players on the game. 414 actively playing. The game has raised concern in England where the site is based, some quotes courtesy Sky news UK

  • Bill Hibberd, director of parents’ rights group Parentkind, says the site is a potential menance. “Children’s innocence should be protected as far as possible,” he said.
  • But businessman Chris Evans, who helps promote the website in Britain, said it was “ludicrous” to suggest the game was dangerous. “You can feed the bimbo whatever you want – steak and chips, vegetables, chocolate,” he said.  It is a game, you create your character and you can choose whether to give your character a boob job.” Mr Hibberd however said children may not see it as a silly game. “The danger is that a nine-year-old could easily fail to appreciate the irony and see the bimbo as a cool role model,” he said.

 The most interesting one that I think is one to seriously ponder is this one:

  • Sky News doctor Sarah Jarvis says unfortunately the website reflects society’s role models. “I think the problem is far bigger than the website. Young people are increasingly obsessed with their looks,” she said.

Links Miss Bimbo  http://www.missbimbo.com

Sky News article http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30100-1310501,00.html