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    The Lambeth Conference is held in Lambeth, England and a meeting of Anglican Bishops

From the bishops assembled in the Lambeth conference….realizing the responsibility which rests upon us at this time and sensible of the sympathy and prayers of many, both within and without our own communion, make this appeal to all Christian people.
We acknowledge all those who believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ and have been baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity, as sharing with us membership in the universal Church of Christ which is his Body. We believe that the Holy Spirit has called us in a very solemn and special manner to associate ourselves in penitence and prayer with all those who deplore the divisions of Christian people and are inspired by the vision and hope of the visible unity of the whole church.

1) We believe that God wills fellowship. By God’s own act this fellowship was made, in and through Jesus Christ, and its life in His Spirit. We believe that it is God’s purpose to manifest this fellowship, so far as this world is concerned , in an outward, visible and united society, holding one faith, having its own recognized officers, using God-Given means of grace, and inspiring all of its members to the world-wide service of the Kingdom of God. This is what we mean by the Catholic Church.
2) This united fellowship is not visible to the world to-day. On the one hand there are other ancient Episcopal Communions in East and West to whom ours is bound by many ties of common faith and tradition. On the other hand there are the great no Episcopal Communions standing for rich elements of truth, liberty and life which might otherwise be obscured and neglected. With them we are closely linked by many affinities, racial ,historical and spiritual. We cherish the earnest hope that all these Communions, and our own, may be led by the Spirit into the Unity of the Faith and of the Knowledge of the Son of God. But in fact we are all organized in different groups each one keeping to itself gifts that rightly belong to the whole fellowship and tending to live its own life apart from the rest.