Don’t take my quietness to mean that there has been nothing happening. I have no way of summing up what my week last week was like emotionally, physically , spiritually let alone whether i achieved anything in imparting any knowledge. Needless to say I had 2 days off with strep throat,  had to evacuate my class due to a severe ‘behavioural’ incident with a child (e.g. the child remained in the class attacking the teacher aide with a chair), taught the school rock  band How Great is Our God – a song they had never heard before but thought was ‘brilliant Miss’. I also taught a few classes in there, in one of which I was assessed by my tutor teacher (all beginning teachers have this sort of assessment). 

For the music centre I wrote the latest newsletter, and got this printed (then had to sort out how many copies to distribute into each class), called up students who hadn’t been attending lessons for the last few weeks, answered the staff enquires, parent enquires, and then got up Saturday morning to go to work with my own staff/parents and relieved for some keyboard lessons for one of my teachers.

I also (on my 2 days off) managed to watch a various assortment of incredibly intriguing home decorating/gardening shows on the living channel….