We haven’t played the list game in a while so I thought I would invest in one in an attempt to firstly give you a glimpse into my life and secondly to let you learn some things without having to deal with my or my staff members wrath. This list is more of a gripes list. If you have a gripe to add go for it

1) If your child is sick do not send them to music lessons. Why? Because they throw up and Lisa ends up cleaning this up on her hands and knees on the floor..

2) Yellow lines mean – do not park there. I know this and they don’t even allow me to drive. If I come towards you with a mean look on my face and tell you to move, don’t look at me like I have just invented this rule and am the most evil person in the world. It is in the road code! (This applies to my Saturday morning music school – however you have been warned blog readers, I am on the war path)

3) Gloria Jeans makes crap Hot Chocolate and I have it on good authority crap coffee, if you are going to charge me $11 make it worth this.

4) Do not offend nuns. Honestly just don’t do it.

5) When you pay $65 a year for music lessons do not expect me to arrange 280 other children to suit YOU. Not every child can have their lesson at 8.30am. Well they could but it would be horrific beginners and advanced students in the one class. If you think you can do a better job at arranging this many children go for it, I’ll pass you the phone numbers and ability levels of these children and let you deal with it!

6) TV2 needs a better show for its 6.30 slot now that Friends is over.