My mother has always said that copying is the best type of flattery.

I wonder though whether though the whole business and i use that word on purpose, of christian ‘worship artists’ copying others songs to use on their latest ‘worship’ albums has just gone a little bit too far.

Lets take for example  Hosanna  written by New Zealand’s own Brooke Fraser for Hillsong and featured on their two most recent albums Saviour King and All of the Above.

This song has now been released by Passion (a group of artists who perform for the passion conference) by Christy Nockels on their album God of this city and has just been released in NZ by Starfield , as the lead single for their new album ‘I will go’ – less than a year after Fraser released the song for Hillsong.

This phenomena is not nearly as  widespread in the ‘mainstream’ media so why do we see it in the christian media? Anyone have any ideas?