I have some confessions to make , I don’t read my bible daily, I don’t fast and I don’t pray daily. Oh goodness help!

It seems in a lot of blogs I am reading lately the theme of ‘I must improve my spiritual disciplines’ is coming up a lot. Don’t get me wrong , I very much believe in the things stated above (especially after asking a class of my year 3’s where exodus was in the Bible and having them stare at me blankly) – however I am wondering whether the ‘spiritual disciplines mantra’ has become the evangelical/post evangelicals new form of nomism/legalism. 

Has it so taken over our life that we now enforce it upon new christians and ourselves much like the early church had a fascination with the Jewish law.

It is not uncommon in evangelical circles to here people speaking in small groups and starting with what sounds like a confession that goes something like ‘ I haven’t been reading my bible every day lately, or been praying much’  to which people nod solemnly. Of course in some people the above may be signs that a persons relationship with God is not going so well or is in fact in dire straights … but how about the person who has been actually living out the words of the bible  (loving others, acts of justice and mercy) and because of that hasn’t had time to read 10 chapters of it a day? 

I think …. that some churches, and individuals within churches are so obsessed with the disciplines of fasting, prayer and bible reading and in some cases, pondering their navel that they actually don’t get off their butt and do – living out the words of God in their communities, lives and work places.

NOTE: I want to make it very clear before you all rush to comment *cough* that I see prayer, bible reading, times of silence and relfection, and staring at ones navel very important part of the christian tradition, my concern lies with how we are portraying them in some christian circles.