For some reason people have taken it upon themselves lately to decide to take great interest in my love life (or shall we say great lack of)

Three examples

1) I recieved an email from a member of a committee I am on which read as follows 

Happy Chinese New Year! I am particularly pleased to welcome this one, as it seems like January has disappeared, and it’s great to have another fresh start! …And Lisa, although the year of the Rat means different things to the Chinese than its name would suggest to Westerners, I’d sill be careful who I dated this year, if I were you, just in case!!

2) Then I went along to the cricket on Saturday (very awesome game by the way) with my good friends and sister and towards the end they decided to take it upon themselves to match me with various guys from the English team based on age, profile pictures, last name (as this is very important being a teacher and all) and their attitude on the pitch towards other players , evidently this is how one judges character (one guy evidently was kind to a kiwi player so evidently he was a definite winner)  I however do not want to be called Mrs Sidebottom , Mrs Mustard or Mrs Broad. I mean really is having a ridiculous last name a pre requisite for being in the English cricket team!! 

3) Today a parcel arrived for me in the staff room… yes I know what you are thinking…. a parcel on valentines day… and the staff were very excited… I on the other hand knew it was some recorder books I had ordered from Australia, Alas everyone was some what let down thinking I had an admirer from Australia…..

So in conclusion I am still single, the year of the rat has some type of signficance evidently,  I don’t want to get married to an English Cricket player and I have no secret admirer in Australia….