Yes I know I haven’t posted in a while, but to be fair about 50 of you have visited and only one of you has commented so I haven’t really felt that motivated.

I think when one is on the front lines of the real world dealing with the consequences of crap it is easy to see why some 20 somethings have quarter life crisis’ and want to revert back to being in university full time.  The ‘real world’ , the world where teachers deal with children who have suffered horrific psychological and physical abuse, the world where kids come to school with no lunch , the world where  myriads of children come to school and ask sincerely in prayer time for God to help heal their mother, father and grandma is much easier philosophised from academia and the world of politics and theology where lives are less tangible. 

As I wandered around the playground at lunch talking to my pupils (still don’t know their names – but to be fair they still call me Mrs Music teacher lady) and delighting with them over the small things (such as watermelon seeds, cricket balls going high, and chalk pictures of roller coasters) it occured to me that these fearfully and wonderfully made creatures deserve nothing less than to know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made, how one does this comes in a variety of forms, but the fact that one must do this is essential.