Miss R presented herself to the Playground on Monday lunchtime, much like a baby duckling presents itself to well – something. Miss R had had no contact with children all day so the contact with the Children was somewhat exciting for the young teacher.

Soon she was surrounded by young children who wanted to carry her ‘teacher’s bag’ and to walk with her. The excitement soon wore off – but one child remained  -Maddision. Maddy as she liked to be called. She then informed me that there were only 2 Maddy’s at the school and she was the only Maddy in her class. 8 year old girls are like this you know , very talkative and very keen to make sure you know important detail. Maddy was a very keen and observant helper for Miss R (who had no idea where to walk or where she was going) Maddy chatted away and when Miss R was called to mediate/plaster or rescue children from various  pieces of playground equipment Maddy would watch patiently and listen to the concerns of interested parties before filling me in later on the children concerned and their histories, occasionally taking detours to swing on monkey bars and climb up slides or when needed mediating the problems herself when Miss R was taking sticks off children. While walking over the playground Maddy said to me ‘Do you think I can walk on this?’ her eyes full of awe, curiosity and a hint of something else. Before stepping up onto the wooden ledge that surrounds the play ground. Sensing that she couldn’t quite keep her balance she reached out her hand to Miss R who grasped it instantly and the two walked along the ledge to the end (Maddy continued to chatter away) before they continued their walk and playground duty.  A while later the bell rung and Maddy offered to take the teacher’s bag back to the staff room. Miss R declined and took the short walk back herself Maddy ran back to line up in front of her classroom and on her walk back to her only classroom recieved an energetically wave and smile from Maddy.

The thing I have been pondering over the last couple of days is the Child like faith of Maddy that instinct of hers to reach out and the faith that she had that I would reach back and grab her. All the while she continued to talk to me. Is this not what God wants from us?