Despite many peoples opinions I am not a far left christian liberal (although I see much in them that I love). In fact one of my major influences that I don’t speak of that often has been Boundless, a ministry of Focus on The Family. A christian e-zine for 18+ year olds that deals with all the things that we deal with as 18+ year olds. Based in the US its content does tend to have a bit of a US slant at times, however the site covers a whole load of content that is updated on a very regular basis on things as far reaching as politics to church, theology to relationships, technology to social justice, pop culture to agony aunt columns. The site also has a very good blog (again an American bias – some things I have no idea what they are talking about – blah blah election, blah blah hollywood stars) and have just started a Podcast that has come out on Itunes. 

I’m listening to Show No.2  of the Podcast at the moment which has a significant section on Relationships and Pseudo relationships. In particular this discussion is around guys not defining the boundaries of relationships (for example just taking the girl out for coffee and dates without calling it a relationship and refusing to commmit). However there is also some discussion about girls needing to be more assertive and raise their standards.  Interesting stuff , take a listen.  The shows are not all about relationships (in case you were concerned – or that was your selling point 🙂 ) so check out the links or go see what Boundless is about – if nothing else it will definitely get you thinking about why you hold the views you do and why.

So some links

the boundless site

the boundless show podcast page: