‘The sad thing is not all Christians are up for Incarnational living’ – His Brilliance

‘I’m not Jesus Christ’ – Len Brown, Manakau Mayor

In this current political and social climate a lot of people are looking to politicians for answers to solve our country’s ‘problems’ whatever you class our problems to be. Depending on talk back radio (and what time of the day you tune in) this can be anything from a loss of Biblical values, the decline in education, the fact that caning was outlawed, the anti smacking bill, tax cuts, or the fact that Helen Clark has been in power too long (or a combination of anyone of the above)

I wonder if the Christian population of New Zealand is actually really seeing the whole issue. Of course this is a top down issue that needs to be addressed with some government policy but this is not the responsibility of government alone. Indeed many Christians are so obsessed with this that and the latest inane object of material infatuation that the idea of actually intentionally moving into a community be that middle class/poor/or rich with the intention of being Jesus in it and giving themselves sacrificially to the people in it so that these problems could be addressed from the bottom up has not occurred or been presented to them.

Len Brown’s comment that he is not Jesus Christ is in fact very eye opening. Brown realizes that Christ has within him some amazing miracle power an ability to change communities. This is something that right now we need to grasp. This power won’t come from us sitting in church buildings and expecting people to come to us, nor will it come from us shouting at people and telling them how useless they are. Of course as His Brilliance pointed out not all Christians are cut out for this (which coincedentially makes me wonder are we teaching the full Gospel?), unfortunately a lot of us would rather stay home with our xbox’s , our computers and a nice collection of respectable indie rock.

There are some amazing people (like there are in a lot of communities) doing the work of Jesus in communities around NZ. Indeed some of them have got incredible mention in the last few days in South Auckland. Unfortunately this is not the norm for Christian NZ. Indeed I know from my own circles that the aim of the game is to find yourself a ‘nice house, in a nice area and to send the kids to a nice school (which I will insert here is normally monocultural) ’

It is not until we intentionally get off our rear ends and place ourselves into the uncomfortable (be that rich/middle or poor) and be Jesus that we will see the miracles, John Key is not my saviour and neither is Helen Clark (although I will certainly work with who ever to do my saviour’s work) . Len Brown has it right Jesus Christ works miracles.