I  was listening to Michael Spencer yesterday on the train to Masterton and he said some very interesting stuff, as usual, so I thought I would share it with you.

Firstly Spencer, in his Internet Monk Podcast 85,  suggested that much of Evangelical culture is based around this kind of ‘restless’ motif. In that we must be constantly striving for more and that we cannot just rest. So we need to have the latest deep worship experience, or go and buy the latest worship  CD, or go to the next big worship gathering – as this will Change us. This in essence Spencer argues is just like secular culture does with its materialism, however we have just created a Christian culture of it by putting spiritual labels on it – i suggest things like ‘ take your self to the next level’ ‘awaken your spiritual self’ ‘ an event not to be missed’ not to mention the marketing that goes into Christian books and music . In doing so (aiming for the latest and evidently greatest thing that even God himself will surpass himself on) Spencer says that we  just don’t reflect on what God has provided or done for us as we are too busy chasing the wind….in an effort to change…. 

Its a good thing to think about in our current church/Church climate do we value rest or do we value change? Are we merely creating a christian materialistic culture with the language/situations we use? In our effort to be come more culturally relevant are we actually becoming so like the culture that we have lost our points of difference?

I think Spencer may be on to something , especially in evangelicalism…what do you think?