Tommorrow…tuesday…… I have a job interview in Masterton…. Masterton is to Wellington as Invercargill is to Dunedin. Yes. However in my case after sending out over 100 Job Applications (ohh yes don’t get me started on the  teacher shortage)  I am not really complaining especially as this one sounds rather hopeful and I really like the looks of the school, however I have learnt by now not to get ones hopes up…. its a sad state to live in…

I am not actually nervous about the job interview. My trip over to masterton involves me catching the train (ahhh the wonders of having epliepsy and not being able to drive) which means I leave here at some early hour and arrive at 10:00 and can’t come back to wellington until 3.45.

This my blog readers is where my concern readers is…….. I mean my deep concern….what on earth am i going to do! Tomorrow is the funeral of the century, Sir Ed Hillary (in case you have been under a rock) and I am afraid that NZ  is going to shut down….. I don’t know whether my fears are well founded or not, but the way TV1 is going on it sounds like the country is coming to a standstill from 10:30 tomorrow, which does leave me somewhat concerned.

Never fear I have come up with some plans: 

1) Go to old folks home in masterton and try and fit in with the crowd for 4 hours – bound to be a comfy sofa somewhere and some stunning conversation

2) Run up and down the main street singing beatles songs.

3) Sit in McDonalds and buy everything of the children’s menu in the way that little girl does ‘ there was a little monkey…….’

Of course Masterton might not shut down, in which case I might just be enjoying myself and drinking hot chocolates as I try and do a sudoku….. I’ll let you know either way 🙂

btw for those of you that are concerned the fern is still looking brown and being tempremental.