I had a Robbie Williams day yesterday. Robbie Williams for those of you that haven’t heard is having a bit of a ARGH moment with  his record label EMI over the selling of CDs in relation to the online market and has decided to go on strike.   I am also having trouble with my label and like Robbie I am sick of being diplomatic. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, my friend Rose says I have to be a little bit more careful with what I say need it come back and bite me. So I am going to try and make this post as diplomatic as possible (something I have been getting a lot of experience, but was not so good at yesterday).   

What is my issue with my label?  Well in short it is a bunch of  I am sure and am giving the benefit of the doubt here, well intentioned lovely people who are spreading rumours about my personal life while calling themselves Christian. 


Some of you may well argue that I should blindly ignore this  childish mud slinging and be filled with grace and carry on my merry way. While I admire the sentiment I think  this is actually where we go wrong as Christians when we refuse to confront things and instead of being honest about them we cover them up with what appears to be phoney plastered faces and a lot of rhetoric about loving others.


So in an effort to clean up the lot of figurative mud that has been thrown at me let me give  4 salient points:

1)      I am single and have been for a very long time

 2)      I am not dating anyone which kind of relates to point one really but for the purpose of these rumours needs reinstating.

3)      (this may shock some people- you have been warned) woman and men are allowed, within sensible God honouring boundaries, to have friendships that do not equate to a dating relationship.

 4)      If you have a question about my life , you know how to contact me. Otherwise may I kindly suggest if you hear something that you think is a rumour or gossip can you not pass it on or at least ring/text me to ask me whether it is true.