Hello All,

It seems a right lot og you have been visiting lately. I however am house sitting and don’t have internet access at the place I am house sitting.

It is making me radically reasses my priorities. Anyway faithful readers, stalkers and people who can’t be bothered texting but like to observe my life through a blog 😛 , I will be back in about 3 days blog posts for the upcoming year will include

1) Christians and gambling – dedicated to Nicola

2) Money – ooh yes I knew you would be excited

3)  A topic I am code wording ‘Steak and Kidney ‘ – guess what that is about (it’s not toffee) and you will be richly rewarded.  (or just really brainy)

Ok folks feel free to comment – I know you won’t let me down – this post requires very little brain power 🙂