Jesus. Santa. Chocolate.

Now that I have your attention and have lulled you into a false sense of security with the fact that this is going to be just another Christian blog post let me break your expectations *screams and shouts from the blogging  christian community*

I, Lisa, do not like Christmas.

Oh no I here you say – she must be backsliding or not have grasped the true siginficance of Jesus’ birth. Save your breath. I have and do. I love Jesus.  However I do not find this time of year to be incredibly exciting. Don’t get me wrong I love advent, however the Christmas/New Year season is an incredible drain on me.  

I do not get gushy feelings of romanticism nor do I feel the overwhelming urge to run out onto the streets and sing christmas carols. Instead I often feel the urge to run in the opposite direction from civilisation (generally I find christmas to be incredibly over hyped). I find that Christmas time riles me up no end with feelings of frustration and unhappiness and the fact that my introvert personality gets exhausted with the never ending demands of extrovert activities. I also find christmas/holiday TV and radio programming incredibly boring as do many of the inane conversations I am forced into (much grace required).

However I have been working with God over the last week on many issues including this one and have been discussing many things. Some recent discovervies that have helped:

  1. Mary’s song for joy  in Luke 2 – Beautiful –  thanks to the Tony Campolo podcast
  2. Working how to relate with people better at Christmas celebrations that bore you to pieces and drive you crazy – thanks to Mars Hill Bible Church – The Table Podcast from 18/11/2007
  3. Grasping the eschatological significance of the first and second comings.
  4. Praying for others, so that their christmas times are what they want.
  5. Internet Monk Podcast no 80 – AWESOME – the most uncliched christmas podcast! Thanks Michael Spencer!

 So may this Christmas season for you be grace fulled and peace fulled!  May you experience the realities of his fullness in whatever situations you come across. Emmanuel!