Now I am all for saving the Whales. Spurred on by such splendid (cough) audio productions as this:  wonderful video  – honestly watch it

and now by Steve Chadwicks most recent line in her recent press release on the downfalls of the IWC  

“…New Zealand totally rejects claims that lethal whaling is needed for scientific research. We regard them as stunningly beautiful creatures, and see no need to kill them for scientific or any other purpose…”

I thought to myself where is NZ’s similar line on the Dafur situation? Are those people being massacred (just like the whales) not also ‘stunningly beautiful creatures’ and do we not also ‘see no need to kill them’I in no way intend to be patronising to the Sudanese people by use of these quotes I am merely pointing out the follys of the NZ governments policy.

So giving the Labour Government the benefit of the doubt I searched through The Beehive website and entered in firstly the keyword: ‘whales’ which came up with 112 hits (most to do with international whaling). I then entered in ‘Dafur’ and got 2 hits, so casting the net a bit wider I tried ‘Sudan’ and got a massive 26 hits. Some of the documents did have some reasonably hard hitting stuff thanks to Phill Goff, however since 2005 we seem to have been very quiet on the whole Sudan issue.

You can tell me its complex politically. You can tell me that Africa is a long way away and it is really a UN issue, you can even tell me that the whales are closer and it is a much more manageable situation. But the reality is Dafur is affecting MILLIONS of people who while we run around at the IWC.. people are still being raped, tortured and killed because we stay quiet.