It’s raining outside. Now I could take two routes with this 1) Woe-unto-me-it’s-meant-to- be-summer-and-why-is-there-no-sun? or 2) I could look at the majesty of God and his creation. I am going to fo with the latter path.  In the words of Jonathan Edwards the 20th century theologian: ‘

The immense magnifcence of the visible world in inconcieivable vastness, the incomprehsible height of the heavens etc., is but a type of the infinite maginficence, height and glory of God’s world in the spiritual world: the most uncomprehensible expression of his power, wisdom, holiness and love in what is wrought and brought to pass in the world, and the exceeding greatness of the moral and natural good , the light, knowledge, holiness, and hapiness, which shall be communicated to all, and therefore to that maginficence of the world, height of heaven.

some photos I took about an hour ago (the view from various windows) – with apologies to my dial up readers 😦 :