Last night I was channel flicking after a hard day at work. I landed upon a program on CNN. An eye opening program that again made me cry (I seem to do a lot of that :P)

The documentary is entitled ‘How to get Ahead in Africa’ a tongue in cheek title. The Program is effectively a hard look at the corruption issue that is behind a lot of the poverty issues seen in Africa. It is inherant from the highest echelons right down to the man in charge of giving out jobs.

There were many things that hit home in this documentary.

1. One of the people that the journalist interviewed, who had worked for a government anti corruption agency said something to the effect of: Bob Geldof has got it wrong he shouldn’t be fighting to make poverty history he should be fighting to make corruption history.

2.The fact that just because aid money is being poured into a country, does not mean it is being well spent. Sierra Lione is a prime example from this documentary.

3.If no one is held accountable at the top level then it is very hard for anyone at the bottom levels to be held accountable.

4. Corruption may not be as sexy a cause to fight as poverty but the consequences are just as real.

Here is a Link to a clip from the documentary on youtube, those of you that read Huggies blog and my own will be very interested to know that this particular bit (like much of the documentary) was filmed in Kibera, Kenya, where the Hope Foundations, 100 days 100 dollars money was being raised for.

I also recommend this clip from the documentary which is on the ‘made up aid agencys in Kibera’ and the fight genuine aid agencys are having to get funding because they won’t give in to corruption :