Today I discussed with my taxi driver (now I want to emphasise here he is not my taxi driver he is avaliable to the general populus for a fee) about NZ terrible batting effort in South Africa. We both thought that it was actually rather terrible how the majority of our team got injuired, however besides this the top order was dreadful! Absolutely dreadful, and it was only due to the power of the bottom order (the bowlers that we got anything)

Also I would like to say why is it that Matthew Sinclair is not in the team – in is State Championship game for CD he got 243 which is (cough) well more than what the majority of the Blacks Caps got combined in both innings!

So with that in mind my sister sent me this wonderful post that she found off the cricket forums

Alright all you youngsters out there. Your heroes in the New Zealand cricket have written a few tips on how to bat like a black cap. These tips were written by numbers 1-5 in the black caps’ batting order. (Numbers 7-11 were busy playing cricket)

#1 Never ever move your feet. Unless you have been dismissed – then walk back to the dressing room, put on a disgusted look, and watch the bowlers score runs.

#2 Keep your bat away from your body. This is very important if you want to be caught behind.

#3 Don’t bother getting in line with the ball. That’s for losers like Ponting, Jason Gillespie and Mark Richardson

#4 Batting for long periods of time, can give the bowlers rest. The bowlers dislike rest, they would rather be out there, bowling on flat pitches to good batsmen. So try and get out in a inept fashion

#5 Throwdowns are great preparation for facing good quality fast bowling.