A couple of years ago I sat in a Pacific Island History class at university where I was told by a visiting speaker ‘that just like the rest of the world Christianity’s stranglehold on the pacific was going to soon come to an end’ At the time I nearly choked on the end of my pen and thought that was a horrific idea. However now I am not so sure and I do believe that something has to be done about the ‘Christianity’ that is practised in some Pacific Islands.

Let me introduce you to Tokelau, population 1466, and made up of 3 islands. Most of all I want you to meet Iosua Faamaoni head of the local Congregational Church. The biggest thing happening in Tokelau lately has been the recent vote from independence from New Zealand.

On Atafu (one of the atolls) Iousa Faamaoni has just built a church. This is all well and good, except the people desperately needed a School. On top of that those who disapprove of Faamaoni are forbidden from entering the church, they’re called “the Taleban.” Also the church is firmly locked when followers are not there.

Faamaoni, in 1992 announced that six years earlier he had sexually abused a 12-year-old. He briefly left the atoll, as the girl was to later. After asking forgiveness he was re instated to his position but as much as half of the island (with links to the girl) refuse to forgive Faamaoni for his actions. Interestingly after publicly admitting his guilt no charges have been bought against Faamaoni and even worse the LMS Church of which the Tokelauan Congegational church is a part has done very little in the matter of the sexual abuse or in getting rid of Faamaoni (evidently according to one source it would be too hard to do as he is too well supported)

Faamaoni’s latest quotable quote: The other day just before the vote for independence, “let us above all put our love of God, our love for each other above everything else that we do. May that be our guiding light, our guiding force.”

I pray that someone will truly wake up and answer Faamaoni’s prayer…. For the sake of a woman and a whole people.

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