One Christian book that has had a major influence on my life has been the visual addition of ‘What’s so Amazing about Grace’ by Phillip Yancy in that book there is a page where the authors and illustrators have juxtaposed some Christian people picketing with the idea of Grace.

I am constantly in agony at myself and at my Christian brothers when we choose to stand and shout at non Christians rather than roll up our sleeves and be Jesus in a situation.

One organization who I think do this brilliantly (be Jesus in a situation) are

XXXchurch is the #1 Christian porn site designed to bring awareness to the porn problem. From the United States, Australia, Asia, and Europe, XXXchurch is a movement of people and ministries putting accountability to those struggling with porn and those calling porn a career.” runs a Christian anti-pornography website that aims to help those who struggle with pornography. Its target are those who are consumers (including christians and non christians) and those in pornographic industry.

Perhaps one of the key things they do (which links back to what I have said) is they hand out bibles to people who attend porn shows. (they will be attending one in Auckland next year doing this very thing). This has many ‘conservative’ Christians riled up, but I will let you think and pray it through for yourself after watching the two different forms of communicating Jesus to those at Porn Events in action.