Think Christian has a fantastic post courtesey UnChristian about how the 16 – 29 culture views Christianity. This is a collection of responses from both Christians and non christians (who made up the lsmaller amount of respondents 40%) interestingly these were their top 6 perceptions of Christians:

1. Anti-Homosexual – this is toward the person not the deed – 96%
2. Judgmental – 87%
3. Hypocritical – 81%
4. Sheltered
5. Politically Motivated
6. Insecure

This survey was done in America. I would say based on my interactions with NZ youth and young adults I would probably go something like this

1. Apathetic
2. All like members of Destiny
3. Hypocritical
4. Sheltered
5. Unawareness of the world

I’m still debating the other one .

Anyway for those of you who like video, Unchristian have even made a very good clip which i do reccommend you watch. Especially if you disagree with me when I say that NZ christians are apathetic – hey you may even want to post a response below!