It has been said that there is no I in team, but I am a firm believer that there is an I in community.

Unfortunately for me I have become disjointed from the community of God. In speaking to a really good friend of mine the other day, I explained it as the feeling of being valued more for ones skills than for ones spirit. I have used blogs and facebook as a means to an end, and have neglected going to God with my concerns. In the last couple of weeks when things have got really bad I have run back to God and have felt a true connection and renewing in my spirit that I have not had for a very long time.

Closely aligned to this is the acknowledgement that my ideal of community is not what the reality is, while the perfect reality will never happen until heaven , I still hold tightly to the belief that Christians are called to value and Love (agape) each other regardless of how long they have been in the family of God and to live in community.

As the ideal has been slipping away I have found myself slipping back into some old habits that I don’t like, and if one is meant to be becoming more like Jesus one has to ask whether the current life one is living is really helping one grow into a more Christ like faith.

In short blog reader I am off to go back to my Christian Roots, to find the truth of what God says about me, what he is asking me to do and to find anew what my place is in Christian community. Call it a deconstruction reconstruction (how very post modern 🙂 )

Blog and Facebook Transmission will resume in around a month (maybe longer), who knows It’s a God thing.