I had an interesting weekend away with a group of youth leaders from my church at a farm. Interesting, is the word I use when I can’t be bothered explaining the mix of emotions, experiences and all that it encompassed. A brief summary:

  • Marshmallow toasting
  • Fantastic food
  • Interpretive dance
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Charades (I had to act out Albertine by Brooke Fraser – can I just say that is a flippin’ hard one to do)
  • Me doing masses of study for BCNZ paper
  • A nasty spiritual attack that left me in masses of pain for most of sunday morning
  • Listening to Life Fm – we were very excited about this! (don’t get that in wellington)
  • A lot of discussion.
  • Finding out the true lyrics to a ‘Fray’ song ….. turns out I have been singing something that wasn’t there……. in my defence I wasn’t the only one!
  • Oooh and yes …I got the leaders to Bongo themselves 😛 (highly entertaining)

Anyway one of the things we discussed was community. In fact the debate got quite heated at times. There was argument that Christian’s rely far to much on online community and use it too much (which I disagree on) and there was argument that we needed to become more like the Acts 2 church.

So my questions for you are (you can pick one or both)

  1. What would you define community as?
  2. Do christians rely on online community too much?