This week in class (and when I say in class i mean via online class) we have been discussing the book of Galatians and whether the book was written to a legalist or nomist situation.

This post is not on that. (I hear a sigh of belief from many people who were afraid they were going to have to find out what nomist meant 😛 )

However it has made me ponder this:

  1. Is the gospel we live a gospel with additives. Thus, we say you accept Jesus by faith, but then after becoming a Christian there are certain things one is expected to do to ‘stay’ Christian, or to be accepted as a christian, or to become ‘more christian’. By this I mean, what cultural expectations do we implicitly or explicitly put on ourselves and other believers. For example:

* A true christian reads their bible every day?
* A true christian must go to church every week?
* A true christian doesn’t drink
* A true christian must only………..

Have you or do you experience any of these additivies? Where did they come from? Do you think they are cultural add ons? Or are they necessary to make a healthy church community?