Have just got back from collecting food for the local food bank drive and then doing the primary sort for our suburb before the food got sent off to the ‘main sort’ for the city.
This week our city food bank had to close as there was no food left.
It was interesting to see what type of things people contributed:
  • *A half opened block of cheese
  • *Some old sauer kraut
  • *Many tins of goods that were past their best before date (or worse they were rusty with no label)
  • *Or people had gone out of their way to explain how to use particular items attaching labels with recipes.
  • Fresh veges and fruit
  • Healthy foods
  • Soaps
  • Baby goods
  • Thousands of tins of baked beans and spaghetti
  • Loads of dried noodles and Pasta

You could really see the people who had put a lot of thought into it and the people that really just wanted to clean out their cupboards of their old goods that were past their best before dates. Is this a metaphor for how we treat those in need in our community?

Interestingly, on my route at least, those in the more ‘rich’ streets seemed to conribute less than those in the low to middle socio economic streets.