Frank Ritchie aka Servant (link down the side) has got me thinking. He is currently doing 14 days just eating rice. Find out more on his blog. Anyway after all my ranting and raving about poverty and kingdom living and blah blah, I have found something. Not just something but 100 Days 100 Dollars. 100 Days 100 Dollars is a NZ campaign which challenges everyday NZers to roll up there sleeves and do something about poverty in Kiberia i.e. raise $100 in 100 days. I have joined.

– Kiberia has the population of Auckland residents, live in an area the size of the CBD of Auckland

– It is is a slum occupying 630 acres on the edge of Nairobi in Kenya, East Africa.

– With over a million people living in a space ¾ the size of New York’s Central Park it is one of the most crowded places on earth, the largest slum in Africa, and one of the largest on earth.

– There are more than 100,000 orphaned children living in Kibera, the majority orphaned by AIDS.

– Parts of Kibera average only 1 square metre of floor space per person in a ramshackle house connected by mud filled alleys that are often only half a metre wide.

– There is no running water, garbage disposal, or utilities including electricity available for residents.

– To obtain water, residents pay up to ten times the going rate to fill buckets from a tap and carry it back through the slums to their home.

– There is only 1 toilet for every 500 people in the slum. Most people defecate in plastic bags and throw them into public places or onto roofs.

– Kibera is criss-crossed by open sewers and drains awash with human excrement from both inside and outside the slum as well as waste-water and garbage.

– Residents are often forced to pay exorbitant rents for tin shacks which are owned by landlords from outside of the slums.

– There are only 3 public schools in Kibera and children are trapped in an ever increasing cycle of poverty and lack of education.

– With open drains, sewers and pools of polluted water providing a breeding ground for mosquitoes, malaria is a significant year-round problem.

Wish to join me?