In the last while due to a variety of circumstances I have had the opportunity to reflect a lot on mental illness. In NZ we currently have a campaign that is striving to bring mental illness into the light and to detach the stigma many people have associated with it ‘like minds , like mine’ or something similar. Anyway.

I have had opportunity to be introduced to John (not real name) who has severe mental illness (psychotic episodes/voices) . I was working with John, who is high school aged, before his illness became severe. John’s mum is at her wits end about what to do with John and is feeling overwhelmed. John is currently very ill and is currently trying to find appropriate treatement.

It made me think again about how do we deal with Mental illness in the church? What experiences do you have? Pastoral or otherwise? Are we any better or worse than non christians? If you have first hand esperience with mental illness , what is your experience?