Yes darn those Baptists for letting Women into Leadership ;P

I am speaking at church on Sunday morning (yes they are letting me loose on the big people) , so if you are in the locale ( I don’t even know if that is a word meh) I would love to have you come along….think of this as a late birthday party (its only 6 days late) and a blog reader get together ….. there will even be coffee afterwards – not that I drink the stuff. Text me if you need directions. – no Nicola I am sure you know the way so no directions for you!

This could be rather funny – funny you say – yes. You see there a group of us young adults who are commonly often mistaken for visitors by many of the congregation (sad really being the fact I have been going to morning service for 2 years and am also a youth leader!) so me going up and speaking will either

1) Shock many people or
2) bemuse many – why do we let visitors speak!!!
3) Mean that I can no longer get away with hiding behind being a visitor

I am excited but also nervous however I am totally as always trusting the Holy Spirit to do wonders where I fall incredibly short!!