Christians in cyber space – PART 2ITS ALL ABOUT ME JESUS – THE GOSPEL OF ME

I haven’t posted since Monday.

In that time we have had 26 hits to this blog. Not a huge amount as a few of you seem to be overly enthusiastic and like to visit more than once, but still a significant amount for a blog of this size. In that time we have also had 1 comment. A ratio of 1:26

Interestingly I think this is a metaphor for Christians in cyberspace and really in life especially in the Church

We have become very consumeristic. We go to peoples blogs/other Christian websites , surf them , poke around in some ones thoughts and lives and don’t reply – or if we do we more often than not don’t come up with a reasoned well thought out reply, but more often than not throw out some flippant comment, praising ourselves before returning in half an hour to see if someone has replied to OUR reply so that we can be gratified – because really its all about us really isn’t it??

Most probably we won’t visit sites where we are forced to think or confront ourselves because we want escapism. We want to go somewhere where we can just be well, you know, silly or anonymous, and where no one really cares about the whole Jesus thing don’t we? I mean that whole thing about Loving God with ‘ heart, soul and mind’ only applies off line doesn’t it? That whole thing about contributing to community like Jesus talked about doesn’t really apply to online either, does it? I mean this is all about ME! I don’t really have to care about the person at the other end of the blog/website do I ? I don’t have to pray or contribute or thank people for websites that provide me with valuable resources to my Christian walk like Soul purpose, Got questions or Christianity today? Whatever!!!! This is about ME people – ROCK ON! I mean its only cyberspace!

Hold up!

This is a lot like many Christians and their relationship with the church. They hop from one Church to another Church and complain about everything under the sun while making zero contribution at all to a church community and the people in it. Or if they are part of a Church these will often be the people who will go up to the leadership and will say things like ‘ I think you should do this….’ And will provide absolutely no offer of assistance in how to do that thing that would evidently further the Kingdom of GOD.
These people might occasionally – just like in cyber space – participate in some type of social event (similar to commenting on a ‘light blog post’ like ‘what’s your favourite colour’ ) but rarely will you see these people putting in the hard yards like serving or really engaging with the material in some capacity, no they are content just to suck the s/Service dry and then carry on in their merry way until they find something better that serves their ‘needs’ (wants/fantasies/ mummy why doesn’t Jesus give me a sports car and fast internet access) .