Baptist Youth Ministries Leaders Conference:

Now it appears to me that I could tell you how fantastic Duffy Robbins was and how he was really enlightening on youth issues (which he was) , I could tell you that Mike Dodge was hiliarious and very informative about different pathways to worship God – which he was. I could tell you about how Murray Brown was always highly intelligent and gave a fantastic exposition in the Kingdom of God and youth ministry…. but instead a brief run down of my weekend.

*ISSUES DISCUSSED: The body of christ (how we are one and how if we disagree on some stuff we have to learn to co-exist but at the same time know how to to be accountable to each other), Boys, (it was even suggested by one person who I should be going out with – hold the phone!) Spiritual Gifts and whether or not Tongues is a a normal gift or something you just ‘get’, direction in life and on the road, stupid comments, speeding.

-Radical Discipleship (thanks to a fantstic seminar from some people up north)
-Why is it that we are known as Conservative christians and Jesus was known as a radical? – Does conservative christian mean white picket fence, national party voting, 2.5 children and teaching sunday school??????
– Why do christians get married so young? I mean really – this made the camp much less worthwhile 😛
– Why do I always get sick at camps?
– Why did I forget to bring a bible to camp? This made my BCNZ study very hard
– Are our churches really living out what they are called to do? or are we too individually focused? There were some fantastic stories of community and ‘the body’ in action.
– Why are Christians aiming at contentment rather than aiming at what the Holy Spirit and God wants them to do….

* HILIARIOUS CROWD BREAKERS– ‘Sick’ that involved youth pastors holding berrocas in their mouths with water
– Stuart MacCann singing a verse of Opera and 3 regional youth advisors and Duffy Robbins having to sing it back

– I watched rugby at Leaders convention (well just the first 15 minutes)


Comments on the things thought about would be appreciated – its hard pondering by oneself