My Theological method forum this week is on tradition and whether it is good bad or otherwise. I do not have many traditions. So I am going to start one. Friday is going to be Thank you day. Frankly I don’t care whether you think it is cheesy. Its not your tradition. If you don’t like the idea , you can go make your own tradition. On the positive side you may some day feature here. Blessings .

Thanks to A

I just want to say I am truly humbled by you. The grace you showed towards me over the issue that I responded to a couple of days ago was truely humbling. What was the best thing about it was that you didn’t patronise me or show any false sympathy but that showed genuine compassion. The Kingdom of God is yours. May God continue to bless you. I am truely humbled to know you. I would trade all of my HILLSONG CD’S (HAHAHAHA, nah hillsong do have some good points) to say that to you personally. Your sense of humour, heart for the hurting and your gutsy comments are friggin awesome, your blogs are truely inspirational. May you continue to pursue the blue print that God has shown you ! BLESS YOU HEAPS!